The Top Reasons Why You Should Let Your Child Play

Back in the days, children playing on the streets is just a normal thing to see. Nowadays, you see children frequently glued to the screens of their iPads and tablets during their “play time”. What happened to hopscotch, tea parties and playing catch?

“My child can’t get hurt by playing on his iPad.” True. But what we don’t know is that playing can be beneficial for your child. How can it be beneficial? Let me tell you how.

Children Can Learn Through Play

Children Can Learn Through Play

Your Child Can Learn While Playing.

A mind of a child is like a sponge. It absorbs anything you put into it. During this stage in his life, it is critical to show them some good manner and right attitude. Having good manners is more important than being intelligent.

Playing with friends can create a bond and respect, essential for his social skills on his later life. It also widens their imagination. It can help them to control their emotions.

Making mistakes in playing can teach them a valuable lesson. If you made some mistakes, go ahead and try again.

Playing Can Be Healthy For Your Child

Remember the days when you play catch or basketball with your friends? What does it make you feel? Tired, I guess. But it also makes you active as a child. It makes you grow taller, it strengthen your bones and tighten up your muscles. Mentally, playing can boost your child’s cognitive skills and dexterity. Of course after playing, serve them a healthy meal. Fruits and veggies would be your top pick. Fruit juices can help too because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It also tastes good and they will absolutely love it. If you want some more info about juicing for your kids, you can find it online.

It Creates A Solid Bonding Between A Child An A Parent

Child Playing With Parents

Go Out There And Have Fun With Your Kid!

Playing with your child can create an indestructible bonding between the both of you. As a parent, you should show some interest with the things that your child does. Play catch with them. This is a moment that your child will never forget.


Thank you for reading. I hope that you learned something from this article. See you!

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